Located at Rua Angelina Vidal, in Graça (Lisbon), the Duplex | Artists in Residence occupies a space of about 1000m2, which houses a Gallery, long term artists' studios, as well as studios for artists in residence who attend programs launched throughout the year. Duplex | Artists in Residence was born from the desire to create a space dedicated to contemporary artistic practice and research, offering an alternative to the isolation that often characterizes them. Nes  startet the year 2022 at DUPLEX, with 6 weeks in the artist residency program. Where her focus was on further developing her creative process that began at PADA studios in 2021. Duplex | Artists in Residence presents itself as a privileged territory for the coexistence of different artists, different ways of creating and different ways of thinking about contemporary art and the world in which it is inserted.
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