Ragnhild Nes (b. 1993) is a visual artist from Norway. Her work primarily consists of painting and drawing in an abstract landscape. Nes’s painting is a process of fixating living things in time and space. Similarly, to words, her painting practice involves superimpose images that float on each other without convergence. They are fragments of the world, in which things are no longer things. They have been deprived of essence and objects have disappeared, but they turn into streaks, illuminated surfaces, stylized landscapes, in which colour acquires a greater expressive and chromatic force. Nes has lived many places and see her work evolving through her surroundings. In 2022 she had her first solo show in Italy, at SARP Gallery, 2024 she will exhibit a solo show at Kösk and a collective exhibition in Copenhagen, among other.
Recent press
POST EX residency. November 2023. Rome, Italy.
‘Bak skyene I full fart’ Duo-exhibition with Lars Gangdal. 06.10-29.10.2023. Kösk Gallery. Oslo, Norway.
‘Det er alltid sommer i drømmene mine’. Solo exhibition at Valdres Kunstforening. Perrongen Gallery. 28.06-08.07.2023. Fagernes, Norway.
Off The Wall , 23.06-30.07.2023. Kösk Gallery, Oslo Norway.
‘One night stand’ collective installation with Lisette Van Hoogenhuyze. 17.06.2023. Copenhagen, Denmark.
1:1 pt 3 [Studio works] Gyldenpris Kunsthall. 08.03-18.03.2023. Bergen, Norway.
Off The Wall , 25.11-31.12.2022.  Kösk Gallery, Oslo Norway.
When words attack the visible, they are erased' solo exhibition at SARP Gallery, 01.10-30.10.2022. Linguaglossa, Italy. 
The Sicily Artist Residency (SARP) Program, 25.08-05.10.2022. Linguaglossa, Italy. 
"gum on your floor" exhibition at Galleri BKD, July 2022. Tønsberg, Norway. 
"Sette en strek" solo exhibition at Hos Arne, 17.06-26-06-2022. Oslo, Norway.
Duplex Air residency, February / march 2022. Lisbon, Portugal. 
'PARALAXE'' end of residency exhibition at Galeria PADA. 22.12.2021. Barreiro, Portugal.
PADA Studios residency. 01.12.2021-24.12.2021. Barreiro, Portugal. 
'I møte med veggen' collective art exhibition at Sorgenfri. 19.-21.11.2021. Oslo, Norway. 
'Søvnløs Himmel' exhibition at Trevarefabrikken w. Julia Conley. 05-07-31.07.2021, Lofoten, Norway. 
'Det nærmeste du kommer meg' exhibition at Hos Arne w. HLÍN studio, 21.05-24.05.2021. Oslo, Norway.

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