'Sette en strek'
'Sette en strek’ is a solo exhibition at the gallery Hos Arne in Oslo, Norway. June 2022. 
«The light in Portugal tells me many secrets, an old industrial park outside of Lisbon, influences the brush strokes»
Far  away from home Nes explores her artistic practice in unknown surroundings at PADA studios and Duplex AIR. Two residency programs located in Lisbon and right outside of Lisbon, Portugal. Nes wanted to explore new surroundings to further develop her artistic practice, working in an impressionistic way, to capture the light and color palette of Portugal. PADA studios, located in Lisbon’s South Bay, gave her the opportunity to explore new approaches in a post-industrial environment. DUPLEX Air, in Graça created room for a different way of thinking about contemporary art and continuing developing her body of work from PADA studios.
‘Sette en strek’ is an exhibition where Nes shows a series of paintings and sculptures created at PADA and Duplex, and from her research materials from her stay in Portugal 2021 / 2022.
Photos: Johanne Nyborg 
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